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We locate investment targets of opportunity in the so-called “Texas Triangle.” The “Texas Triangle” which comprises Austin, San Antonio, Houston, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and everything in between, is the fastest growing region in the country — translating into incredible opportunities for commercial real estate investors. Pilot-Legacy focuses on secondary markets, which are benefiting from the rapid growth in the primary markets where costs are much higher.  We believe this strategy presents the best opportunities for return on investment. Currently the State of Texas is growing at a rate of approximately 30,000 people per month. Pilot-Legacy has further sharpened our focus on select Qualified Opportunity Zones that intersect these powerful demographics. 

Consider the following data associated with the “Texas Triangle”:

  • Population of 18M - 66% of Texas' population
  • 80% of Texas' population growth since 2000
  • 77% of Texas' economy
  • Experienced 3x the job growth of New York City & 5x that of Los Angeles
  • HQ to 53 Fortune 500 companies
  • Boasts 2/5 of the nation's largest metros
  • Leads nation in STEM jobs - Austin #1, San Antonio #2, Houston #4, and Dallas-Fort Worth #6
  • Texas population - 20.9M in 2010 to 40.5M by 2050
  • Hays County (b/w Austin & San Antonio) population - 157K in 2010 to 438K by 2050
  • IH-35 corridor b/w Austin & San Antonio - fastest growing region in Texas
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We evaluate deals conservatively and with a realistic expectation of asset performance.  With materials and labor costs generally uniform for all developers, we look for additional ways to gain an edge to yield a higher return on investment.  Pilot-Legacy’s approach is to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to evaluating the competitiveness of placing a project in the market.  We look for more competitive land prices in areas in front of the growth trend—not in the midst of it where the competition is the fiercest.  We look for expanding infrastructure, retail and service industry expansion, and powerful tax incentives—all which work toward bringing a higher return on capital invested for our targeted time horizon.


We syndicate with individuals, family offices, and institutions.




Family Offices



Pilot-Legacy looks to partner with professional, accredited investors who understand the multi-family industry and who have a longer term vision for success.  We understand very well the gravity of handling investor funds and regard the protection and good stewardship of that capital as the highest among our fiduciary duties.


Finally, we generate cash flow and long-term wealth for our investors by enabling the members of the Pilot-Legacy team to do what they do best.  Pilot-Legacy brings a diverse, industry-relevant skill set to the multi-family, private equity investment arena.  Whether in the areas of building investor and vendor relationships, development, construction supervision, marketing, or managing and operating the final product, Pilot-Legacy executes the mission with attention-to-detail and an expectation of “on-time and under budget” as our operating standard.  This translates our plan and vision into a successful reality for both our team and investors.

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