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The Pilot-Legacy Private Equity Group comprises a team of seasoned professionals with over one-hundred years of collective experience in the multifamily real estate space.  We syndicate capital for value-add acquisitions and ground-up developments.  It’s the precise execution of all elements associated with a project which lead to achieving outsized returns on capital—not simply buying low and selling high.

Pilot-Legacy’s team possesses vast experience in the areas of deal structuring, capital formation, marketing, construction management, leasing, operational management, accounting and finance.  It’s Pilot-Legacy’s ability to successfully oversee every aspect of a commercial real estate deal from start to finish which makes us the clear choice as your investment partner.

Whether its working side-by-side with our contractors to ensure the judicious use of time and resources, or overseeing the successful marketing, lease-up and day-to-day operations and management of each asset, Pilot-Legacy personnel is in place from beginning to end with the goal of maximizing NOI throughout the term of investment.  Pilot-Legacy’s success is founded upon focusing our efforts on the . . . 

Pilot-Legacy pursues Value-add and Core+ multifamily assets for acquisition as well as ground-up development opportunities.

Pilot-Legacy’s market is the “Texas Triangle”—the leading commercial real estate market in the country—boasting strong population and job growth driven by business-friendly economic policies.

Pilot-Legacy pursues outsized returns by developing underserved markets with strong fundamentals and acquisition of assets with maintenance or managerial deficiencies.

Pilot-Legacy’s team possesses over one-hundred years of collective commercial multifamily experience in the areas of syndication, development, construction, leasing and management.

Pilot-Legacy focuses our efforts on targets of opportunity within the so-called “Texas Triangle”— the region subtended by San Antonio, Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth — and right in the middle of it all — Austin.  This region is the most explosive commercial real estate market in the country.

The “Texas Triangle” boasts:

  • A population of 18.1 million;
  • 67% of the Texas population;
  • The fastest growth in the country;
  • A Projected population of 21.6 million by year 2030;
  • Home to 53 “Fortune 500” Companies;
  • Led all 50 states in jobs growth in 2019.
These facts and others present incredible potential for the commercial multifamily space and investors in the region.
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